The CUPRA Born

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A new way to feel electric

Unrivalled, dynamic sustainability coupled with defying innovation. Meet the first fully electric CUPRA.

A bold vision

A design that moves you. The new CUPRA Born comes with a sleek body and sporty lines.

Intuitive technology

Connectivity at its core. Welcome a seamless driver experience with state-of-the-art digital features^.

The next generation of electric is Born

Rewind and rethink everything you know about electric. It’s time to think differently. To be guided by impulse. Meet the new CUPRA Born. Our new CUPRA model comes with Intuitive Connectivity features, an Augmented Reality Head-Up Display, a 12” Touchscreen and Dynamic Chassis Control.

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​Maximum torque, instant acceleration. 100% battery-powered, the new CUPRA Born allows you to feel amplified power right from the very start.

Battery Size:

58 kWh 


204 PS

Electric Range

264 miles*

CO₂ emissions

0 g/km**

Battery Size:

58 kWh e-Boost


230 PS

Electric Range

261 miles*

CO₂ emissions

0 g/km**

Battery Size:

77 kWh e-Boost


230 PS

Electric Range

340 miles*

CO₂ emissions

0 g/km**

Main Highlights (available as standard)

  • 18” CYCLONE Alloy wheels
  • Heated CUPRA steering wheel
  • 12’’ touch screen
  • Front Bucket seats with SEAQUAL cotton
  • Climatronic 2 zone
  • Interior ambient light

  • Light & Rain sensor
  • Mode 3 charging cable


The CUPRA Born offers a smooth drive and utilises some of the latest, cutting-edge car technology.

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Smooth parking thanks to the Top View Camera (available as an optional extra) and 12” infotainment screen.

Unrivalled drivability with Travel Assist camera and sensors.
Pre-Crash Assist braces the vehicle in case of collision.​

Augmented reality head-up display offers an immersive driving experience (available as an optional extra).


Discover how long it could take to charge your CUPRA Born based on the type of charger you use.

The UK National Grid supplies power in Alternating Current (AC) which has to be converted to Direct Current (DC) before it can charge a car battery. This conversion from AC to DC can either be done by the car, or the charger. Chargers that supply DC are faster than chargers that supply AC.

AC Charging

Commonly used at home, but also available away from home too. A typical at-home wallbox charger will charge the CUPRA Born's 58kWh 204PS battery from 0% to 100% within 6hr 15min.

Charging times will also vary depending on a number of factors, including temperature, charge already in the battery, the capabilities of the charging unit and the power supply being used. Times will also be affected by the charging curve. Once charging passes 80% it will slow to protect the battery’s longevity. We recommend that you do not charge your CUPRA Born fully every day to protect the battery.

DC Charging

Now available at many public charging stations. A 120kW DC charger will charge the 58kWh 204PS battery available with the CUPRA Born from 5% to 80% within just 35 minutes.

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Please note that some images and specifications may not reflect UK specification or may only be available as an option.

* Based on internal CUPRA testing designed to reflect Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) procedures. The CUPRA Born is not yet available for sale in the UK and has not been through homologation, so official WLTP range values are not yet available. Test results were obtained after the battery had been fully charged and are as at May 2021. Figures shown are not yet confirmed and are for information only. May not reflect real world driving. Range, power (KW) and acceleration will vary depending on battery choice and a number of other factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving style and vehicle load. 77kWh Battery (335 miles range) will be available from 2022. Please check in with your local CUPRA Retailer for updates and official data when available. The CUPRA Born is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging.

** Zero emissions while driving

^ Long range Battery 77kWh (335 miles range) and steering wheel with satellites will be available from 2022.